1. Name of Service

Northern Health Early Psychosis Intervention

2. Address of Service

1308 Alward St.

Prince George

Phone: 250-645-7430

Fax: 250-645-8039

Email address: epi@northernhealth.ca

3. Hours of Service:

Monday to Friday, 8:00AM-4:00PM

After Hours: If you are experiencing an emergency, clients or family members are urged to contact a crisis line (1-888-353-2273) or attend the nearest emergency department.

4. Who Can Receive Services?

Age range

12 - 45 years of age

Type of psychosis or disorders

First Episode Psychosis or any of the following that suggests a person may be at developing psychosis:

  • apparent changes in behaviour, thoughts and emotions
  • family history of psychosis
  • recent deterioration in daily functioning

Catchment areas served

  • Northern Health Region (supporting communities inclusive and between Houston, Haida-Gwaii, Atlin, and Kitimat)

5. Do I Need a Referral?

Referrals are accepted from any source, including self.

6. Intake Description

Once a referral is received, a mental health clinician will connect with the individual or referral source within 48 hours. After assessment, the clinician will triage and determine the client's access to a psychiatrist.

7. Program Description:

 Complete assessment of symptoms and physical functioning
 Psychological therapies for accompanying problems (anxiety/depression)
 Physical wellness support
 Substance use support
 Functional support with activities of daily living
 Vocational/educational support
 Groups for clients
 Family support (counselling)
Family education
 Client education
 Home treatment (outreach)
 Alumni programs
 Access to a psychiatrist

8. This site self-identifies as ...

  An EPI service
  A psychosis intervention service that sees first episode clients