Ajax’s Story

Just then, surprisingly, there were voices bouncing off the wall, they were in different language that Ajax couldn’t understand. “Go away!” Ajax thought, but they didn’t go away, they just got louder and weirder, Ajax clamped his hands tightly over his ears as the voices magnified and his eyes were also clamped shut, and his brain was bleeding with voices that wouldn’t go away. It was like being in a room of chaos! Ajax fell to the floor lost in fear and confusion, when he heard some new voices, these ones he understood.

“Ajax! What’s wrong? Are you okay?” Ajax recognized the voice as J.T’s. Ajax opened his eyes and looked up from the wooden floor to see J.T. kneeling over him, the voices had finally stopped and Ajax was trembling with fear and confusion.

“What happened” asked Rachelle who was also leaning over Ajax. Ajax tried to explain, but this was the worst of all things to ever happen to him. Finally, he said, “T..too many voices, can’t understand them! J.T, d..did you hear them?” It took a while for J.T. to answer, for he never heard any voices, nor did he ever hear of such a thing as hearing voices that he couldn’t understand. J.T. answered him, “No Ajax, I heard nothing, what was it? What is it like?” “It must have been my psychosis,” Ajax said standing up. “That was the most fearful thing I have ever experienced”. “Come on guys, let’s eat, I’ll explain what psychosis is while we cook”.