Goals of Treatment for Psychosis

Once a thorough assessment has been completed, a treatment plan will be developed.

Most treatment for psychosis occurs in the community. Individuals can visit local mental health clinics on a regular basis, or arrange for home visits if available in their community.

If hospitalization is required, it is usually only for a brief period to treat the very acute and distressing symptoms of psychosis.

Goals of Treatment

  • Decreasing positive and negative symptoms of psychosis
  • Reducing secondary symptoms such as anxiety
  • Minimizing the likelihood that other disorders develop such as substance use or depression
  • Preventing relapse
  • Enhancing quality of life
  • Minimizing disruption to the person's development in such areas as school, work and social pursuits
  • Maintaining or increasing cognitive abilities such as concentration and memory
  • Minimizing side-effects of medication
enhancing quality of life