How to Cope as a Caregiver or Friend

It is important to be yourself and to understand that psychotic symptoms are stressful for everyone. Initially, family and friends may experience worry, fear and confusion until the psychosis is recognized. Anger, frustration, despair can also be common. With a diagnosis, family and friends may experience relief and a sense of hope – realizing that psychosis can be effectively managed,

Supporting a person in recovery from psychosis is a process that takes time. Some people recover relatively quickly while others may take longer. Be prepared as there can be setbacks, recovery is not always a smooth process. Remind yourself throughout that psychosis is a medical condition – the brain needs time to recover.

Families, partners and friends also go through their own recovery and understand and accept what has happened. Talking with others, whether they be family members, friends or professionals, can be very helpful. Also, make sure to take care of yourself.

Stay positive. With proper treatment, most people make a successful recovery from a first episode of psychosis.

For some pragmatic tips on how to respond or deal with specific symptoms of psychosis read through the booklet: Coping, when someone in your family has psychosis.