Who gets Psychosis?

I could be categorized as an “overachiever.” I took 8 courses a year, plus extracurricular, and outside of school tutoring sessions put immense weight on my shoulder. … one day, I started experiencing the first symptoms of psychosis.

unnamed youth

Approximately 3% of people will experience a psychotic episode at some stage in their life, although a first episode usually occurs in adolescence or early adult life.

  • Psychosis occurs across all cultures and levels of socioeconomic status.
  • All genders can develop psychosis.
  • Risk of developing psychosis is greater if another biological relative has had psychosis.
  • Use of marijuana or other street drugs may trigger psychosis in some individuals who are at risk for developing psychosis.
  • The onset of symptoms of psychosis varies from person to person. Symptoms may appear abruptly  but most often evolve and worsen over a period of months.
  • 18-24 years old is the most common age when symptoms of psychosis first begin. This can vary depending on individual circumstances but the majority of cases first occur between the ages 13-30. Biological males tend to have earlier onset than females by an average of one or two years.

Being able to treat psychosis early is very important, since it usually first appears during a very critical stage of a young person’s life. Adolescents and young adults are just starting to develop their own identity, form lasting relationships, and make plans for their careers and future. A successful recovery enables young people to continue with their development and a healthy, productive future.