1. Name of Service

EPI - Kelowna Mental Health and Substance Use

2. Address of Service

505 Doyle Avenue

Kelowna, BC V1Y 6V8

Phone: 310-6478

Fax: 250-868-7991

3. Hours of Service:

7 days per week, 9AM-6:40PM

After Hours: If you are experiencing an emergency, clients or family members are urged to contact a crisis line (1-888-353-2273) or attend the nearest emergency department.

4. Who Can Receive Services?

Age range

19 – 30 years of age

Type of psychosis or disorders

First Episode Psychosis or any of the following that suggests a person may be at developing psychosis:

  • apparent changes in behaviour, thoughts and emotions
  • family history of psychosis
  • recent deterioration in daily functioning

Catchment areas served

  • Central Okanagan from Oyama to Peachland

5. Do I Need a Referral?

Referrals are accepted from any source, including self.

To start the referral process, please call 310-6478 or drop in to our Community Health Services Centre. Referrals can be faxed to our Access Team.

Physician and Nurse Practitioner referrals are received by our MHUS Access Team. Access reviews all referrals and if there is an EPI referral received it is directed to the EPI Team Lead for quick assignment.

6. Intake Description

Once a referral is received by the Kelowna EPI Team, it is reviewed by the Team Lead or nurse in charge. The individual referred will be contacted within one week of referral. For referrals coming from acute or tertiary services, response time is within 2 days of first contact.

7. Program Description:

 Complete assessment of symptoms and physical functioning
 Psychological therapies for accompanying problems (anxiety/depression)
 Physical wellness support
 Substance use support
 Functional support with activities of daily living
 Vocational/educational support
 Peer support
 Groups for clients
 Family support (counselling)
Family education
 Client education
 Home treatment (outreach)
 Alumni programs
 Access to a psychiatrist

8. This site self-identifies as ...

  An EPI service
  A psychosis intervention service that sees first episode clients